Sunday, 5 June 2011

X-file videos

As I have said previously when looking at the stills from
the X-files i felt like we could get a better interpretation when looking at
the clips I have seen. When viewing them
we can look at and analyse the body language prior to her experiencing their
fear. Not only the body language but
there facial reactions. In the videos usually
the sound goes dead then suddenly we will get a rush of sound when there
experiencing the fear which is a good technique. The body language of people is of a stunned
nature they take small steps eyes are dilated constantly looking around hands
out in front ready etc. What I have
also noticed and which came out in my questionnaire that people where scared of
the dark. During these clips and a lot
of series of the same genre use the technique of being in the dark as there is
a sense of hesitancy and being on edge. Also
there are a lot of long shots used which gives the viewer a lot to look
at. I think this is an art form in itself;
it’s just another way of expressing it.

pictures in city center

The reason why i have took these pictures is because in my
eyes I think they really stand out and
in a sense remind me of the run down factory and garage a looked at
previously. How i think it relates to
fear is that with it being a door it could represent that the fear is past that
door. I love that its an everyday location
which we pass everyday and would just glance at it not thinking at it. I like this factor and that something normal and
everyday could have more meaning to what it looks like on the outside. I love how its a white innocent looking door
which has big scaffolding surrounding it like a burden with graffiti on it
too. I love the rustic feel to it which gives
an unwelcoming feel to it. I also admire
the bulky old locks used to close the door.
As I said I like the fact that the door is leading to something else but
we don’t know what’s behind the door. To
the right of the door on the scaffolding there is red tape which has the
connotations that there is danger surrounding the place.

Friday, 3 June 2011

match stick shoot

When creating this piece once again i wanted to create a
sculpture/object which had connotations of what i would describe my fear
being. One of the main thing i feared
was being alone with my brothers if my
mum died so this is represented by the spilling of the match sticks am thinking
lots of thought and possibilities when my mams in hospital. Also the space around the match sticks gives
of an isolating affect. I also wanted it to symbolise the fact fear can spread
through everyone. The pink match sticks
and the burnt ones give of an effect of danger around this piece a bad thing is
happening. I have used wood again as it
a natural material representing my natural feeling towards my fear. With my inspiration from Mike Nelson and
Nathan Coley I think that this piece is rather successful. In the bottom left I spelt out the word fear
with charred match sticks. I wanted to
use text and locations but in a different way from the inspiration from my
artist Nathan Coley. Mike Nelson comes
in with the use of the burnt match sticks as his work is quite destructive and
has meaning to it. The spelling out of
fear is almost like fait, where ever you go you can’t escape it its always with
you and is almost like a burden. This is
what I want to achieve in my final in some form or way. Its also using a box which is revealing
something which I love.

tree log shoot

I’ve collected
various items which I wanted to represent fear.
In this piece I have considered what I wanted to symbolise my mum’s fear
with in a way which wasn’t so obvious. I
wanted to create a sculpture and not a painting as for this topic I feel that
sculpture is the better way to express myself.
As you can see I have chosen a stump from a tree. The reason for choosing
this material is that its natural and living which depicts my mum’s fear of
dying as the wood is gradually dying to.
In experiments before this piece I used text as it was an effective
method of giving hints. I have used the
obvious word ‘fear’ in my work but the one that’s spelt largely across the top ‘permanent’
was the word that my mum described her fear
in the questionnaire. I thought that
this would be effective in this piece as the tree can’t go back it’s too late
and is dying. This is what my mums afraid
of not coming back which she mentioned in her interview. I think the big slice along the front adds to
the effect of the dying tree almost like it wounded. Inside it, it looks dark and shadowy which I
also like.

How I writ the words was with a craft knife which I then carved
into the wood so they are also ‘permanent’.
Once I carved them in I then got a nib and Indian ink which I soaked
into the engraved marks and makes the text stand out more due to the colour I
choose in contrast with the oak brown wood.
I wanted to have the font quite scratchy and black so it has connotations
of death and so it looked like it has been scratched on as it gives of an
uneasy effect to it. I found the text in
this piece quite significant from the inspiration from Nathan Coley. He also places his work in various locations which
adds to the effect of his work and the words he’s used. In my work I have manipulated the material
and used its natural effect to achieve my point. When I went to take pictures of this piece I
choose the location carefully being a different place to where I found the wood
I wanted a Forrest environment. This is
so that I could achieve the effect that it’s in its natural habitat which then
symbolised my mums fear as it has grown on here and is with her where ever she goes
but looking at her we wouldn’t be able to tell this. I like the fact of revealing something or
using an everyday object that the untrained eye wouldn’t see is a good
effect. What I love about this location
is that the ground looks so natural and goes well with the wood and also the lighting
which is casted through the trees onto the floor almost like a spot light.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

candy man stills

During a conversation with my girlfriend we where talking about my project and how its about fear, I started to mention the X-files and how I was analysing them which then brought her on to suggest looking at the film the candy man. I then took her advice and watched the film. I have taken stills from the movie which I think are most useful. The pictures I have taken remind me of the run down factory I visited. Its an abandoned location which looks like is was someone’s home. The floors are covered in scrap facilities which where in the home which have been destroyed and vandalised. From what i can make out it looks like from what’s left over is a toilet and bath, both looking black of the amount of dirt on them, even the tiles on the walls are discoloured . Looking at this place its. A would feel very on edge and aware of what is around me when there. Looking at this we can tell that it was an everyday home but now it has been transformed into something else which is completely different. I wanted to look at the candy man because just like the X-files it is a multi media source which I can research and analyse.