Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Andy Warhol, Wanted men

a chat with Dave after i have drawn the infamous people i have choose he said
to me that it reminded me of the work of Warhol. This is when a decided to research it once Dave
mentioned this. His work has the same
colour code and size covering just the face not the whole body.

creating my box

When making my box I used scrap MDF wood which came in big
boards what had paint on one side. I
then measured the pieces that I need out then I cut each individual plank which
was the most time consuming part. After
I did this I then sanded the edges so that it gave it a bevel so they would be
slats going through where each plank ends on the side. I then used treated 2 by 1 wood which kept
the planks of wood together which i used nails and glue to keep together. They are used as supports which kept all the
slats of wood together. I used this method for all sides. After i created the outskirt of the box I
then had the lid to complete and the bottom of the box. The lid is the same method used as the outskirt. Its the same technique that they use when
creating wooden crates for transporting stuff.
This then gives the wood structure creating the box. The box was then strengthened by the floor of
the box which was made with 1 inch thick chip board. Once i did this i then moved on creating the
lid. I used simple hinges which kept the
lid on and supported it nicely. They where splashed of paint and scratches etc
on the wood which i brought down by sanding it down with high grade sanding
paper. Once I prepped the wood i could
then go on to painting the insdie of the box black and then treating the
outside of the wood with a oak brown stain.
This gave it its authentic feel and protects the wood.

my box

The reason why I have chosen to create a box is because I
wanted an item of some sort which could represent my idea clearly but allow
leeway for my audience to gain their own perspective on my work. I wanted to have an object which had two
sides to it like a door which could almost hide or reveal something. This effect proved well in my experiments
with the medicine the medicine tubs and the match stick box. They where all boxes and held something
unrevealed. In this case I wanted the
box to represent a person. It could have been any individual but I wanted it to
represent my mum. On the outside of the
box I wanted it to look old and decaying like an ordinary box which people
wouldn’t look twice at. This is because
with every individual lies a road of experiences which they have faced and
every individual is different.
Unfortunately we can’t tell this by judging what the cover looks like on
the outside. We have to be told about
the experiences they have had, we couldn’t know anything in depth when just
looking at them. So everyone looks
normal with in a sense but has stories which differ which have to be told to
us, we couldn’t tell this by just looking at them. This is what I want to achieve with the
box. On the outside it looks like a
normal box but when you open the box it tells a totally different story.

With the box now
representing a person and the outside representing the appearance of a person
im now going to move on to the inside of the box. Everyone has a fear of some sort which was
proven in my results from my questionnaire.
This also varies from person to person but when looking at my mums fear,
hers is about dying. With her past
experiences she has had with hospitals which i explained earlier she has a phobia
of hospitals and from her near experiences with death she is scared of
dying. When looking at my mum i wouldn’t
be able to tell this by looking at her.
This is what I wanted to achieve with the box so that my audience would
be clueless when looking at the box its not until they look inside why they
gain a better insight. It’s almost like
the box is telling a story.

The story of my mum and her near death experiences she had
and ultimately her fear of dying. With
my experiments earlier in the brief I experimented with various materials one
of them being a tree trunk. This was
also to represent my mums fear. In my
final I choose to make the box out of wood because the material has important
representations to go along side it. With the wood being a living material and
the box representing my mum it symbolised natural life and living things. With the wood, it’s gradually dying which
will unfortunately happen to us all.
This is why I choose this material so it interlinked with the item I
choose to have in the box. I decided to
have a burnt log of wood which is charred black which means the wood is pretty
much dead. With the wood being black
obviously black has connotations of death which I think works well. Again this represents my mum’s fear of
death. During the interview with my mum
she described that certain smells reminded her of the experience she had in the
hospital. I covered the bottom of the box with pine tree leaves and small
sticks so it looks like the floor of the forest. It also gives of the smell of nature like
being in the forest quite a clean and pleasant smell which my audience will
experience. I wanted this to happen so it’s
like a fragment of what my mum has experienced and that it’s the same theme as
what’s in the movie. I didn’t want to
make this piece ultra obvious hence why I have chosen the route I have so that
the audience can take away there own perspective of my art.

When creating my final I could have taken other routes which
I have tried through out this project such as making something from the
inspiration of the human anatomy. I
experimented with clay and the facial expressions. I thought it worked well but wasn’t what I
wanted to achieve. I wanted something
that was less obvious and could be read into more detail. The human form has limitations to where the
mind could go and what my audience could associate with it. This is why I choose the box because the
limitations are endless. I was also
contemplating the fact of creating a large piece in the form of a gallbladder
but I decided against this as I didn’t think it would work as well and again it
was too obvious. As you can tell I have
been inspired greatly from my artist. My
favourites through this project and that have influenced me the most would be
mike nelson and Nathan Coley.

box's in the exsisiting market

When looking at boxes that are in our existing market I
decided to locate and analyse individual box’s which I liked and that had
different elements to it which I could be inspired from. When researching this I already had in mind
what I wanted to have as a design so I looked at similar ones to the idea I had
in my head so I could look at techniques.
I wanted to look at quite dated boxes which looked old and
authentic. My favourite one would be the
one that has the writing across it. I
think it works well adding the originality it has as its slowly rubbing of the
wood. I have noticed that non of these examples I have chose don’t have slats
in the wood showing the joins. I would
have liked to been able to see the slats.
I think I would like to use that effect when creating my box. These boxes are used to store different
things and have different purposes. The
one with the writing on is clearly used for transporting things as it has the
ware and tare marks of this. Other ones
look old but don’t have as much damage as some.
A think they will vary in size to store different things. This is also what I have to think about when
creating my box, the actual size of it.
Along side the material and the techniques I am going to use.

medicine tubs and other items i have found

When on my first photo shoot I found items that I thought
where interesting and useful. Already
having in mind I wanted to create something 3d for my final I collected these
objects as I thought they fitted well with my project. What I love about them is that they all have
corrosion on them and rust which I love it shows ageing very well and also a
transformation to what the object originally looked like.

My favourite piece here is the one of the tin can of a paint
bucket nature. What I love is how at one
end it’s all strangely and corroded where on the other hand on the bottom it
looks more prestigious and newer. You
can still tell it is old but you can still make out some of the original form. The top of the tin is very sharp and almost
gives of a sense of danger and fear.
What I admire about fear its an emotion which is unpleasant and has bad
connotations to it almost quite a gritty word.
Fear is like an effect which most people suffer in one way or another
which came up in my questionnaire. Everyone
is different and has different fear and is affected by them on different
levels. In a way the corrosion on these
rustic items is an effect which has happened to them over the years. These objects could almost represent people
and the effect that fear has on them.
Especially to the tin. In one way
you look at it its normal and in the other it’s totally different which can be
the same when interpreting what a person’s fear is. I modified the tin by using Indian ink on it
which sunk into the rusted metal and gave a good effect I scratched into it
with a pin first them went over with Indian ink which worked out well. A love how the black ink stands out from the
sour grey metal. Shows how fear spreads
with in us. I used wording in my pieces
due to my inspiration from Nathan Coley.

my fear

The reason why I have done this page is to explain my
experiences and express my emotions which are the fear of loosing my mum. When she was in hospital I felt alone and
that I could loose a loved one. My mum
has always supported me in what I have did I provided me with not only
confidence but materials to accomplish my goals. When my mum was in hospital I was left with
looking after my brothers, me being the oldest I had to try and show some form
of comfort to them assuring them that everything is going to be fine knowing
myself that there was a possibility that everything wouldn’t.
It was a big responsibility looking after them and all what I wanted was
my mum to be with us. The thought of
loosing my mum would make me cry it was that serious and could be considered a
miracle my mum being here today.

I made these small medicine bottles which I thought worked
well as its almost like the medicine to my fear. This could represent a cure to my fear. I’ve collected various items relating to me
and my identity which could relate to my fear.
I love the tag that was from a previous trip to the hospital where I had
a Polip removed. I think they work well
relating to me and can be used to represent my fear. When creating these experiments’ I used
Indian ink to inscribe on the bottles.
What I love is the innocent white contrasting with the scratchy black
text. The sticker on the bottle adds to
the authenticity of the bottles. During a
chat with Dave my tutor I mentioned how it reminded me of the exhibition held
at the Baltic by Damien Hirst work.

my mums fear

When looking at my mums fear which she descried in her
interview and questionnaire some of the experiences she have been nerve racking
for the both of us. One of the main
problems with her health was her gallbladder which developed stone in it which
resulted in it having to be removed at first the doctors didn’t detect this
which could have been deadly for my mum.
Looking back on the experience it was horrible and wouldn’t wish it on
anybody. Some of the things that my mum
described in where the smells that where at the hospital, the perfume she wore
she couldn’t wear it again along with the clothes she wore because she was
reminded of what she went through.
Certain sounds reminded her of what she went through which made he feel
fearful. With my brief being about fear
I wanted to look at peoples fear and my mums stood out because she’s came
through a lot. It also relates to me her
fear of dying because I would say my fear would be loosing my mum and this is
how our fears are linked together. I’ve
collected item which relate to her experiences and to her which could represent
her fear.

experements with clay

What i did with my inspiration from Alison Lambert is create
a face which was pulling a certain facial expression out of clay. I wanted to make it out of clay because its
3d and I wanted to work towards something that is 3d which is an object which
can be viewed at all angles. I choose
the facial expression of shock like someone was experiencing fear. I haven’t really practiced with clay but I
thought that it was a good source of experimentation and allowed to me to mess
around with materials. This helped me decide
which material I wanted to do as a final.
I loved creating the human form but I thought it was too obvious and
wanted something with more depth hence why I choose against having a final
based on the human form.

facial expressions from the X-files

idecided to use the X-files as asource of research to analyse how facial reactions are when happening in the moment. I took stills from my TV. I think it’s interesting how the face reacts
to fear. In the picture of ‘Skully’ (the women) you can see how her eye brows are raised her eyes are dilated and her mouth is open, this is through shock and also experiencing fear. You can also see the same reaction from theguy to how the natural response is. Although this isn’t real, and is manipulated it still is a good reference.

symbols of fear

I decided to drawing of people
who could be classed as fearful figures people who have caused fear within our
society and in the world. I chose three infamous people that I thought would be good examples as a form of reference and another source of research. I experimented
with different materials pencil, pencils and charcoal. Looking at the face i wanted to choose faces
that can be interoperated and recognised in terms of fear. I decided to use charcoal from my inspiration from Alison Lambert.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Alison Lambert

i find lamberts work interestingly good although it depicts the obvious once again it captures the moment of an emotion which is what i like.
Within my work a want to capture a emotion being my fear and represent it in a way maybe with items of some sort instead of the human face being the screen of emotion.

I thought this art would be a good reference and another source of how i could portray my fear. What i like about this style of art although they are charcoal drawings they are capturing the moment. I loved the style and think that the technique that has been used is very realistic. This style and theme has inspired me to look at the human face for inspiration and look at something or somewho would could symbolise fear.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ron Mueck

What I like about ron mueck’s work is that he is almost
capturing the moment of an emotion. His
sculptures, which I seen at Belsay, range in scale which I think is a good technique. The fact that his sculptures
are based on the human anatomy in the bare skin with no clothes on shows that its just the person that he’s concentrating and the feeling’s that are being expressed. The guy on the stool with the shocked face is of a really big scale but in contrast with his facial expression and body language he looks like he is stunned with shock. This emotion in contrast we begin to question why is he shocked and what he is afraid of being the size he is. It almost puts the audience on edge and maybe a bit uncomftable which is what i would like to achieve. I chose to look at him as i wanted to look at sculptures of the human anatomy and which concentrate on emotion. Mueck does this well with his realistic approach.

Old Decayed House/Garage i found

After finding the old factory, i was enticed to find more locations which could be considered fearful looking. I came across this building which seemed like
an old garage. All the paint on the wood was peeling of the door giving it a flaky effect. There was writing on the garage but its faded so much its barely readable. I found this building unusual as the bricks have been painted years ago and the paint was flaking on them to revealing the bright orange bricks. My intention when taking these pictures was not only looking for locations that could be considered fearful but that have natural authenticity to them. The picture with the dark small ally looks unwelcoming especially to people who have a fear of being in confined spaces. The rusted metal bars are

like a warning telling you not to go down that route. The boarded up door has connotations of fear, almost like its being avoided, maybe like a mental block stopping you self thinking about your fear. The artists that I have looked at use locations in there work wisely so I have been investigating possible locations I could use.