Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ron Mueck

What I like about ron mueck’s work is that he is almost
capturing the moment of an emotion. His
sculptures, which I seen at Belsay, range in scale which I think is a good technique. The fact that his sculptures
are based on the human anatomy in the bare skin with no clothes on shows that its just the person that he’s concentrating and the feeling’s that are being expressed. The guy on the stool with the shocked face is of a really big scale but in contrast with his facial expression and body language he looks like he is stunned with shock. This emotion in contrast we begin to question why is he shocked and what he is afraid of being the size he is. It almost puts the audience on edge and maybe a bit uncomftable which is what i would like to achieve. I chose to look at him as i wanted to look at sculptures of the human anatomy and which concentrate on emotion. Mueck does this well with his realistic approach.

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