Tuesday, 24 May 2011

creating my box

When making my box I used scrap MDF wood which came in big
boards what had paint on one side. I
then measured the pieces that I need out then I cut each individual plank which
was the most time consuming part. After
I did this I then sanded the edges so that it gave it a bevel so they would be
slats going through where each plank ends on the side. I then used treated 2 by 1 wood which kept
the planks of wood together which i used nails and glue to keep together. They are used as supports which kept all the
slats of wood together. I used this method for all sides. After i created the outskirt of the box I
then had the lid to complete and the bottom of the box. The lid is the same method used as the outskirt. Its the same technique that they use when
creating wooden crates for transporting stuff.
This then gives the wood structure creating the box. The box was then strengthened by the floor of
the box which was made with 1 inch thick chip board. Once i did this i then moved on creating the
lid. I used simple hinges which kept the
lid on and supported it nicely. They where splashed of paint and scratches etc
on the wood which i brought down by sanding it down with high grade sanding
paper. Once I prepped the wood i could
then go on to painting the insdie of the box black and then treating the
outside of the wood with a oak brown stain.
This gave it its authentic feel and protects the wood.

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