Tuesday, 24 May 2011

my fear

The reason why I have done this page is to explain my
experiences and express my emotions which are the fear of loosing my mum. When she was in hospital I felt alone and
that I could loose a loved one. My mum
has always supported me in what I have did I provided me with not only
confidence but materials to accomplish my goals. When my mum was in hospital I was left with
looking after my brothers, me being the oldest I had to try and show some form
of comfort to them assuring them that everything is going to be fine knowing
myself that there was a possibility that everything wouldn’t.
It was a big responsibility looking after them and all what I wanted was
my mum to be with us. The thought of
loosing my mum would make me cry it was that serious and could be considered a
miracle my mum being here today.

I made these small medicine bottles which I thought worked
well as its almost like the medicine to my fear. This could represent a cure to my fear. I’ve collected various items relating to me
and my identity which could relate to my fear.
I love the tag that was from a previous trip to the hospital where I had
a Polip removed. I think they work well
relating to me and can be used to represent my fear. When creating these experiments’ I used
Indian ink to inscribe on the bottles.
What I love is the innocent white contrasting with the scratchy black
text. The sticker on the bottle adds to
the authenticity of the bottles. During a
chat with Dave my tutor I mentioned how it reminded me of the exhibition held
at the Baltic by Damien Hirst work.

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