Thursday, 19 May 2011

Through out the photo shoot I came across a lot of door
ways leading to dark mysterious rooms not knowing what was in them. I found this experience interesting but in a
sense also fearful because i didn’t no what was round the corner. There was graffiti all the way through where
people have left there mark. This was interesting
as the place could be considered a piece of art. There was a workmen sign mounted on the wall
which was mysterious. The red colour to
it almost had a sense of warning maybe danger around the corner. What I liked most throughout this location is
the sense of destruction, its almost like another world. When taking fear into consideration, the
feeling fear could also be classed as another word in a person. The old burnt down brick work, and charred
wood with abandoned objects throughout was existing. To see how this has transformed over the
years was amazing; this is when I decided to collect items from this old
factory. Fear is known as an
uncomfortable feeling which is what I wanted to achieve when locating the
factory and taking pictures. The rustic
items have weathered themselves and transformed themselves into a new object
which is what I like about them.

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