Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mike Nelson

I have chosen to research mike nelsons work because I
love his style and techniques he uses.
What i found inspirational was the fact that he uses the grotty weather
worn look to his work like its decayed over the years. I found this very effective which then
inspired me to use this style in my work.
With my brief being about fear i found this piece almost fearful when
looking at. The holes in the wall with
the derby on the floor its looks almost like a hurricane has passed through
ripping everything apart. This could
represent an individuals feeling maybe anger or even an act of violence. This could maybe show how someone copes with
a feeling. What I also like about this
piece is the innocent white walls which have been torn apart revealing this old
decayed wood. This could represent two
sides to someone’s personality. I feel
when looking at fear this is a good example.
It has inspired me to use similar techniques in my work.

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