Thursday, 19 May 2011

Old Decayed House/Garage i found

After finding the old factory, i was enticed to find more locations which could be considered fearful looking. I came across this building which seemed like
an old garage. All the paint on the wood was peeling of the door giving it a flaky effect. There was writing on the garage but its faded so much its barely readable. I found this building unusual as the bricks have been painted years ago and the paint was flaking on them to revealing the bright orange bricks. My intention when taking these pictures was not only looking for locations that could be considered fearful but that have natural authenticity to them. The picture with the dark small ally looks unwelcoming especially to people who have a fear of being in confined spaces. The rusted metal bars are

like a warning telling you not to go down that route. The boarded up door has connotations of fear, almost like its being avoided, maybe like a mental block stopping you self thinking about your fear. The artists that I have looked at use locations in there work wisely so I have been investigating possible locations I could use.

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