Thursday, 19 May 2011

jenny holzer

I took a visit to the Baltic library as they have a huge selection of art books which is when i came across the artist Jenny Holzer. I photo copied that i liked and found inspirational which is stuck in my sketch book. I have put an example of her work up on here to show her style but the analysis is for the work thats in my sketch book.

What i love about these pieces is that they are once
again writing based and official documents.
In the statement of a trooper who is being asked questions. The topic is impotant i found it intreaging
reading this. I like how the official
notes have been written on and changed.
It almost has a unofical feel to it, but also underlines that there was
a mistake happening, this could be representing whats being said in the

I also like official feel to the autopsy report, I found
it interesting a could consider using a similar technique in my work.

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