Tuesday, 24 May 2011

my mums fear

When looking at my mums fear which she descried in her
interview and questionnaire some of the experiences she have been nerve racking
for the both of us. One of the main
problems with her health was her gallbladder which developed stone in it which
resulted in it having to be removed at first the doctors didn’t detect this
which could have been deadly for my mum.
Looking back on the experience it was horrible and wouldn’t wish it on
anybody. Some of the things that my mum
described in where the smells that where at the hospital, the perfume she wore
she couldn’t wear it again along with the clothes she wore because she was
reminded of what she went through.
Certain sounds reminded her of what she went through which made he feel
fearful. With my brief being about fear
I wanted to look at peoples fear and my mums stood out because she’s came
through a lot. It also relates to me her
fear of dying because I would say my fear would be loosing my mum and this is
how our fears are linked together. I’ve
collected item which relate to her experiences and to her which could represent
her fear.

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