Tuesday, 24 May 2011

medicine tubs and other items i have found

When on my first photo shoot I found items that I thought
where interesting and useful. Already
having in mind I wanted to create something 3d for my final I collected these
objects as I thought they fitted well with my project. What I love about them is that they all have
corrosion on them and rust which I love it shows ageing very well and also a
transformation to what the object originally looked like.

My favourite piece here is the one of the tin can of a paint
bucket nature. What I love is how at one
end it’s all strangely and corroded where on the other hand on the bottom it
looks more prestigious and newer. You
can still tell it is old but you can still make out some of the original form. The top of the tin is very sharp and almost
gives of a sense of danger and fear.
What I admire about fear its an emotion which is unpleasant and has bad
connotations to it almost quite a gritty word.
Fear is like an effect which most people suffer in one way or another
which came up in my questionnaire. Everyone
is different and has different fear and is affected by them on different
levels. In a way the corrosion on these
rustic items is an effect which has happened to them over the years. These objects could almost represent people
and the effect that fear has on them.
Especially to the tin. In one way
you look at it its normal and in the other it’s totally different which can be
the same when interpreting what a person’s fear is. I modified the tin by using Indian ink on it
which sunk into the rusted metal and gave a good effect I scratched into it
with a pin first them went over with Indian ink which worked out well. A love how the black ink stands out from the
sour grey metal. Shows how fear spreads
with in us. I used wording in my pieces
due to my inspiration from Nathan Coley.

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