Thursday, 19 May 2011

Nathan Coley

I also like this piece ‘heaven is a place where nothing
happens’ the way this is pictured, the bright white lights on the dark blue sky
stand out really well. There’s a lot of
space around the words which works really well as it almost shows isolation,
maybe a loss of hope. The way its shot is
looking upwards at the plain blue sky I find this effective as the sky in religion’s
is where god is. So a think that this
piece is done very well. I like this style of art and how words can inform an
audience with the use of the right location and manipulate a feeling but
leaving it open for interpretation at the same time is very effective. It has inspired me to want to go on and use
this style within my work.

I find these pieces very interesting because although
they are words they are art to. I think the use of colour location and wording work very well. You can clearly tell that the artist has thought about how he wants the audience to interoperate his art, they leave it open for interpretation but in the same breathe they are also manipulating what the viewer might think due to the techniques listed above. I am going to take the ‘we must cultivate our garden’ as an example. The use of wording and colour combine nicely, green being a natural colour it goes well as the words say we must cultivate our garden, the words are lit up with green neon lights. This could be a metaphor for the use of electricity saying that we need tolook after our world more, to live in a more ‘greener’ society.

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