Tuesday, 24 May 2011

box's in the exsisiting market

When looking at boxes that are in our existing market I
decided to locate and analyse individual box’s which I liked and that had
different elements to it which I could be inspired from. When researching this I already had in mind
what I wanted to have as a design so I looked at similar ones to the idea I had
in my head so I could look at techniques.
I wanted to look at quite dated boxes which looked old and
authentic. My favourite one would be the
one that has the writing across it. I
think it works well adding the originality it has as its slowly rubbing of the
wood. I have noticed that non of these examples I have chose don’t have slats
in the wood showing the joins. I would
have liked to been able to see the slats.
I think I would like to use that effect when creating my box. These boxes are used to store different
things and have different purposes. The
one with the writing on is clearly used for transporting things as it has the
ware and tare marks of this. Other ones
look old but don’t have as much damage as some.
A think they will vary in size to store different things. This is also what I have to think about when
creating my box, the actual size of it.
Along side the material and the techniques I am going to use.

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