Sunday, 5 June 2011

X-file videos

As I have said previously when looking at the stills from
the X-files i felt like we could get a better interpretation when looking at
the clips I have seen. When viewing them
we can look at and analyse the body language prior to her experiencing their
fear. Not only the body language but
there facial reactions. In the videos usually
the sound goes dead then suddenly we will get a rush of sound when there
experiencing the fear which is a good technique. The body language of people is of a stunned
nature they take small steps eyes are dilated constantly looking around hands
out in front ready etc. What I have
also noticed and which came out in my questionnaire that people where scared of
the dark. During these clips and a lot
of series of the same genre use the technique of being in the dark as there is
a sense of hesitancy and being on edge. Also
there are a lot of long shots used which gives the viewer a lot to look
at. I think this is an art form in itself;
it’s just another way of expressing it.

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