Sunday, 5 June 2011

pictures in city center

The reason why i have took these pictures is because in my
eyes I think they really stand out and
in a sense remind me of the run down factory and garage a looked at
previously. How i think it relates to
fear is that with it being a door it could represent that the fear is past that
door. I love that its an everyday location
which we pass everyday and would just glance at it not thinking at it. I like this factor and that something normal and
everyday could have more meaning to what it looks like on the outside. I love how its a white innocent looking door
which has big scaffolding surrounding it like a burden with graffiti on it
too. I love the rustic feel to it which gives
an unwelcoming feel to it. I also admire
the bulky old locks used to close the door.
As I said I like the fact that the door is leading to something else but
we don’t know what’s behind the door. To
the right of the door on the scaffolding there is red tape which has the
connotations that there is danger surrounding the place.

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