Friday, 3 June 2011

match stick shoot

When creating this piece once again i wanted to create a
sculpture/object which had connotations of what i would describe my fear
being. One of the main thing i feared
was being alone with my brothers if my
mum died so this is represented by the spilling of the match sticks am thinking
lots of thought and possibilities when my mams in hospital. Also the space around the match sticks gives
of an isolating affect. I also wanted it to symbolise the fact fear can spread
through everyone. The pink match sticks
and the burnt ones give of an effect of danger around this piece a bad thing is
happening. I have used wood again as it
a natural material representing my natural feeling towards my fear. With my inspiration from Mike Nelson and
Nathan Coley I think that this piece is rather successful. In the bottom left I spelt out the word fear
with charred match sticks. I wanted to
use text and locations but in a different way from the inspiration from my
artist Nathan Coley. Mike Nelson comes
in with the use of the burnt match sticks as his work is quite destructive and
has meaning to it. The spelling out of
fear is almost like fait, where ever you go you can’t escape it its always with
you and is almost like a burden. This is
what I want to achieve in my final in some form or way. Its also using a box which is revealing
something which I love.

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