Wednesday, 1 June 2011

candy man stills

During a conversation with my girlfriend we where talking about my project and how its about fear, I started to mention the X-files and how I was analysing them which then brought her on to suggest looking at the film the candy man. I then took her advice and watched the film. I have taken stills from the movie which I think are most useful. The pictures I have taken remind me of the run down factory I visited. Its an abandoned location which looks like is was someone’s home. The floors are covered in scrap facilities which where in the home which have been destroyed and vandalised. From what i can make out it looks like from what’s left over is a toilet and bath, both looking black of the amount of dirt on them, even the tiles on the walls are discoloured . Looking at this place its. A would feel very on edge and aware of what is around me when there. Looking at this we can tell that it was an everyday home but now it has been transformed into something else which is completely different. I wanted to look at the candy man because just like the X-files it is a multi media source which I can research and analyse.

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